If you're interested in attending a rationality retreat in Europe I would appreciate if you participate in my survey (Link). Just answering the first three questions would already be helpful.

I would like to organize a smallish (up to 20 people) rationality retreat in Europe. With the survey I want to estimate how much interest there is, and what participants would like such an event to look like. Feel free to share the survey with anyone who might be interested.

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Hmm, I expect posting here will not cause you to reach the majority of people who might be interested. My model is that you want to try to post to all of the relevant European facebook groups, and mailing lists, and maybe create a Facebook event that people can share and mark themselves as "interested".

It is probably true that those are the places with most engagement. However, as someone without Facebook, I'm always grateful for things (also) being posted in non-FB places (mailing lists work too, but there is a longer lag on finding out about things that way).

Oh, definitely agree. I wasn't advocating for not posting this here, I was advocating for also posting it other places.

Good point! I hadn't really thought of Facebook and the local groups for advertising.

I would be very surprised if you can't fill 20 slots for such an event.

I agree in principle, though this depends of course how far in advance it is announced. If it's reasonable to expect that it's possible to fill 20 slots with 2 months advance notice this gives more flexibility in planning.

Do you mean "retreat" as discussion meeting / workshop, or "retreat from rationality" ?

And "rationality" in what context ? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bounded_rationality)

"Retreat" in the sense of a spiritual retreat, but with the topic of rationality instead of meditation or spirituality. Following the same principle as, e.g. the Czech EA retreat.

"Rationality" as it is generally understood on LessWrong. So this is aimed at people who aspire to be more rational and want to interact with like-minded people.

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