Meetup : Love and Sex in Salt Lake City

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Discussion article for the meetup : Love and Sex in Salt Lake City

WHEN: 16 February 2013 01:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: 1558 Palo Verde Way QE#12, cottonwood heights, ut 84121

It's February, the arbitrarily themed month of love and sex! Naturally, we're having a themed discussion to reflect this fact. We're also departing from the usual schedule and doing it on a Sunday so we can finally meet the mysterious can't-come-on-saturday crowd! Any snacks you might want to bring would be dully appreciated.

Discussion article for the meetup : Love and Sex in Salt Lake City

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Why would you downvote a meetup post?

afaik, someone downvotes all of the meetup posts when they come up, and two other people upvote all of them shortly thereafter.

I up vote meetup posts because running a meetup is work, and is undervalued in this community.

Speaking as someone who runs a meetup: thanks!

I often procrastinate on putting up the meetup post. I'm not entirely sure why. It makes me happy when people notice that I put in the effort to do so and upvote the post, and (I think) makes it a little easier to do next time. It still feels kinda silly that I care about the karma number, but I do. And, as they say: if it's silly, and it works, it isn't silly.

Um... 2014? That's planning rather farther in advance than is normal here :)

Woah, that's not supposed to happen. Thanks for pointing that out.

Not sure when the meetup is. WHEN: 16 February 2014 01:00:00PM (-0700) is Saturday, not Sunday.

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[Meta] Now I'm wondering why the OP is so heavily upvoted, for a meetup announcement. I'd be very surprised if this wasn't the highest-voted meetup post of all time, even.

I'm guessing RobertLumley's "Why would you downvote a meetup post?" caused people to upvote. I know I like to upvote when someone points out unnecessary-seeming downvotes.

I think the subtitle creates some interesting imagery when contrasted with the typical stereotypes of SLC.