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Meditations on Moloch: An explanation of co-ordination problems within our society


Weak Men are Superweapons (supplement - feminists will like this one less)


The Virtue of Silence - silence is a hard virtue


You Kant Dismiss Universalizability - Kant is about not proposing rules that would be self-defeating


The Spirit of the First Amendment


Red Plenty - Why communism failed


All in all, another brick in the motte - Motte-and-bailey doctrine


Intellectual Hipsters and Meta-Contrarianism


Burdens - society owes people an existence


Reactionary Philosophy in an Enormous, Planet-sized Nutshell


Anti-reactionary FAQ


Right is the new Left


Archipelago and Atomic Communitarianism - different countries based on different principles


Parable of the talents - nature vs. nurture


Why I defend scoundrels


Nobody is perfect, Everything is Commensurable


The categories were made for man, not man for the categories - hairdryer incident




Toxoplasma of rage - why the most divisive issues will always spread


Towards a theory of drama, Further towards a theory of drama


All debates are bravery debates


I can tolerate anything except the outgroup - what tolerance really mean


Who by very slow decay - Euthanasia


Non-libertarian FAQ


Consequentialism FAQ


Efficient Charity: Do Unto Others


Eight Short Studies on Excuses


Generalising from one example


Game theory as a dark art


What is signaling really?


Book review: Chronicles of wasted time


The biodeterminists guide to parenting


Social Justice General


Offense versus harm minimisation


Fearful Symmetry - Politicization, Micro-aggressions, Hyperviligance


In favor of niceness, community and civilisation - Importance of the social contract


Radicalizing the romanceless - Complaints about "Nice Guys"


Living by the sword - whales and cancer


Social justice for the highly-demanding of rigour


Meditations on Privilege 1 - India (Meditation 2 - follow up)


Meditation 3 - Creepiness


Meditation 5 - True love and creepiness


Meditation 8 on Superweapons and Bingo




I believe the correct term is "straw individual"


Five case studies on politicization


Social Justice Careful


Why I defend scoundrels part 2


Untitled - Arguments against nerds being privileged. How feminism makes some men afraid to talk to women.


Social Justice and Words, Words, Words - What privilege means vs. what feminists say it means


A Response to Apophemi on Triggers - Should the rationality community be a safe space?


Meditation on Applause Lights


Fetal Attraction: Abortion and the Principle of Charity


Arguments about Male Violence Prove too Much


Mitt Romney


I do not understand rape culture


Useful concepts


Introduction to Game Theory - main ones:


Unspoken ground assumptions of discussion


Revenge as a charitable act


Should you reverse any advice you hear?


Joint Over And Underdiagnosis


Hope! Change! - how much change can we expect from our politicians


What universal human experiences are you missing without realizing it?


A Thrive-survive Theory of the Political Spectrum - included primarily for the section on how to get into a Republican mindset


Phatic and anti-inductive


Read History of Philosophy Backwards


Against bravery debates


Searching for One-Sided Tradeoffs


Proving too much


Non-central fallacy


Schelling fences on slippery slopes


Purchase fuzzies and utilitons separately


Beware isolated demands for rigour


Diseased thinking: dissolving questions about disease


Confidence levels inside and outside an argument


Least convenient possible world


Giving and accepting apologies


Epistemic learned helplessness


Approving reinforces low-effort behaviors - wanting/liking/approving


What's in a name


How not to lose an argument


Beware trivial inconveniences


When truth isn't enough


Why support the underdog?


Applied picoeconomics


A signaling theory of class x politics interaction


That other kind of status


A parable on obsolete ideologies


The Courtier's Reply and the Myers Shuffle


Talking snakes: A cautionary tale


Beware the man of one study


My id on defensiveness - Projective identification




Bogus Pipeline, Bona Fide Piepline


The Zombie Preacher Of SomerSet


Rational home buying


Apologia Pro Vita Sua - "drugs mysteriously find their own non-fungible money"


"I appreciate the situation"


A Babylon 5 Story


Money, money, everywhere, but not a cent to spend - that $5000 can be a crippling debt for some people


Social Psychology is a Flamethrower


Fish - Now by Prescription


An Iron Curtain has descended upon Psychopharmacology - Russian medicines being ignored


The Control Group is out of Control - parapsychology


Schitzophrenia and geomagnetic storms


And I show you how deep the Rabbit Hole Goes - story, purely for entertainment value


Five years and one week of less wrong - interesting for readers of Less Wrong only


Highlights from my notes from another psychiatry conference - Schitzophrenia


The apologist and the revolutionary - Anosognosia and neuro-science