LessWrong Study Hall will be password-protected

by tkadlubo1 min read13th Nov 201311 comments


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The community of the LessWrong Study Hall decided to protect access to the chatroom with a password. The password is: "lw".

Rationale: the LessWrong Study Hall started to have a serious trolling problem recently. As it grew in popularity it started to be automatically advertised on the tinychat.com main page, which attracts a demographics that has no idea about the goals of the Study Hall. We have no business dealing with those who seek online company to smoke weed and/or masturbate.

The password should be publicly available, and shown in plain text whenever the URL to the Study Hall is mentioned. The only users we want to exclude are the internet passers-by, who have literally no idea what that chatroom is about.

The password will be introduced in a day or two, after we inform all the regulars about the change.