Don't clean your glasses

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I rarely clean my glasses:

They do get dusty, but I find that as long as I don't clean them I don't notice it. Just like I no longer notice having glasses at all, despite the opaque frames and the sharp boundary between clear and fuzzy vision, the dust just fades from my perception.

Same goes for computer screens:

This is great: instead of spending time cleaning my glases, and being frustrated when they're not perfect, I just wear them as they are and am happy.

Smudges, however, do need cleaning. While vision can easily work around the dust, blurry patches lose enough information that you can't subconsciously adjust anymore. I end up cleaning my glasses about twice a month when they get fingerprints or other oils on them.

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Is this a joke?

Anyways, I find that if I don't clean my glasses or whatever; that somehow evolves on to not cleaning my office, etc. Quite the slippery slope for me, so it's definitely a NO.

My vision has already degraded a bit from when I got my latest eyeglass prescription (sph -3.75, cyl -2.50, a different axis for each eye); I have to squint more at, say, the menus at my local cafe than I used to. Getting the best out of my glasses every hour I'm awake seems more than worth rubbing them with my shirt for a few seconds per day.

(Sure, I could get my eyes re-measured for free by an optician who hopes to sell me glasses, and then get a cheap pair online at Zenni Optical, but my government provides me a free pair every three years.)

Mind you, I'm not opposed to trying out silly efficiencies, such as tapping '66' on a microwave to save the smidgeon more effort required to press '100'. Just not when the cost is, er, literally noticeable all the time. :)

I've managed to implement this for computer monitors, but not for glasses. But my glasses seem to get smudged frequently enough that I need to wipe them about every day anyways. I guess I fidget with them much more than you?

Perhaps I'm greasy, but there's oil and smudges every single day on my glasses (not including the disgusting buildup that occurs on any part of them that actually contacts my head). I have microfibre, spudgers, water, detergent, and isopropyl alcohol at the ready.

As for monitors, they are cleaned whenever dirt is noted (which is not infrequently). Also, if you actually try to touch a monitor in front of me I will scream at you like a bride who's wedding has just been ruined. You'll be glad you left a fingerprint on the screen because the cops won't be able to identify your mangled corpse otherwise.

Mice and keyboards on the other hand become quite dirty. Both have quarterly interactions with the contents of my tea cup. The keyboard will have a significant amount of hair within it.

Optical mouse technology has enabled levels of filth not possible with mechanical mice. Between many buttons and questionable styling there's an ever increasing number of filth catching edges too.

Keyboards have always been a pain to clean. I'm not going to pull off the keys and wash them as regularly as I should. It's almost easier to use it as an excuse to buy a new keyset instead of removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the same ones.