ANKI flashcard deck: Cognitive Biases and Related Terms

by Duke1 min read22nd May 20115 comments


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I have shared an ANKI flashcard deck called "Cognitive Biases and Related Terms," which is an upgrade of another shared deck. The deck is composed of most cognitive biases listed on Wikipedia, and a few other related terms, with links embedded in the cards for easy reference to articles. Including the links is both time-consuming and a major improvement in usability from the original deck, as thoroughly defining many of these concepts cannot be done on a single card. I also improved the formatting and fixed a bunch of definitions.

I have been devoting ~20 minutes/day to memorizing this deck with positive results.

To download the deck, open ANKI and then select File>Download>Shared Deck. Search for "Cognitive Biases and Related Terms." You are able to modify the deck through ANKI and share your own updated version.