The journal (JCS) that published Chalmers' article on the singularity will be devoting an entire issue in January 2012 to responses to Chalmers' article. Authors who have agreed to contribute so far include big names like Ned Block, Paul Churchland, Dan Dennett, Jesse Prinz, Drew McDermott, and Robert Sawyer. (Also, Kevin Kelly and Ray Kurzweil.)

JCS is also accepting submissions. See the last page of this PDF.

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That's cool, but I predict the majority response will either be negative or an attempt to minimize and dismiss the potential impact of the Singularity.


The main problem singularity ideas face in public discourse aren't arguments against them, it's being taken seriously in the first place.

Singularitarians have to face that oh-so-common counter-argument, the argument that Lewis said he had no response to in his attempts to defend modal realism: the incredulous stare. :)

It is very valuable in allowing junior academics who are already interested in these areas, but lack social permission to publish, to come out of the closet.

Of course, it is not enough -- similar work is needed to grant such permission in decision theory, cog sci, and many other areas -- but it is a valuable start. 2011 is the year that FAI studies start their move into the academic mainstream.

As long as these philosophers aren't bottom-lining, that is okay.

It is? Overcoming a major bias is nice, but the only thing that is 'okay' is overcoming all the biases that lead one to a wrong answer.

You are right.