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Who are some people you met that were the most extreme on some axis?

by Mati_Roy1 min read9th Dec 20191 comment


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Characteristics like:

  • person that had the most imaginary friends
  • person that was the most extroverted
  • person that lived the most online
  • person that recorded their life the most
  • person that asked the most questions online
  • person that was the most secure
  • person that was the most caring
  • person that was the most frugal
  • person that was the most transparent
  • person that was the most productive
  • person that was the most minimalist
  • person that spent the least
  • person with the most automated life
  • person with the most artificial/mindful way to speak
  • person that ate the same thing the most
  • person that was the most (emotionally) empathetic
  • person that was the most emotional
  • person that was the most expressive
  • etc.

I'm curious about a general description of them (you should probably avoid outing anyone without their consent).

I also value a lot interacting with such people in general. I find them interesting and they help me understand a wider range of human experience:)

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1 Answers

I know a guy whom I would call "most long-game".

Right now it seems not much of a difference (although 15 years ago he did stand out as the level head among my acquaintances). He has been working in the same lab for almost 20 years now, since highschool. Curating an ongoing series of translations for 11 yr or so - both his own and those by more suitable specialists. Collecting earlier editions (once, a single-volume survivor which he got to be reprinted and circulated). Cooking new things, occasionally.

The downside is that damned concrete mixer living peacefully in the middle of our backyard.