In light of the shutdown of Slate Star Codex, and in particular, the lack of new SSC Open Threads, much of the SSC community has moved to a new forum: Data Secrets Lox. Data Secrets Lox is a sort of "permanent open thread" for the SSC readership, with many of the same commenters and cultural norms as the Slate Star Codex comments.

If you enjoyed the Slate Star Codex commentariat, please join us at Data Secrets Lox!

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It seems to be nice to pediorically move the Slate Star Codex commentariat to a new forum as a way to bootstrap new forums ;)

Note: Due to a bug in the LW API that GreaterWrong ran into this post was not visible on the frontpage until now. I reset it's date to make sure that it gets any time in the frontpage (even if it's a month after it's original publishing date, which was the 12th of September)

Also, this is great, and I am sad I didn't know about this for the last month!