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What could a World Unification Index track to measure how unified the world is, was, and is becoming?

by Mati_Roy1 min read22nd Dec 20197 comments



Relatedly: Does such an index exist?

Relatedly: What are relevant graphs / metrics / data on those variables?

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3 Answers

One strong indicator of globalization is trade. The WTO maintains a set of global trade indicators, which has data on trade flows, trade disputes and tariff levels going back to 1948.

Some variables I would be interested in seeing tracked include:

  • the distribution on the number of people a person can communicate with (without translators; both fluently and at a basic level)
  • how good and easy to use translators are getting (including audio<>text conversion)
  • how much countries are legally merging (ex.: EU) or fragmenting (ex.: UK?), including level of desire to separate (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_active_separatist_movements)
  • how much art (music, books, movies) are consumed internationally vs locally
  • how much other cultural elements are getting globally adopted (ex.: food, clothing)
  • how much international products / services are getting consumed
  • what fraction of people are multiracial, and multiracial to which extent on average

Access to public utilities. I'm looking for global power, water, data, transport (both goods and people) and economic networks.