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Because there are a significant number of people attempting polyphasic sleep simultaneously, I figured that it would be high-value to create a Google group / mailing list for those who are trying it and would like emotional support, advice, and encouragement. This is for sharing your experiences, techniques to fall asleep or wake up, questions about whether your response is typical, etc. Knowing that there are other people out there trying the same thing helps one stay the course -- especially in the middle of the night, when the people around you are probably sleeping.



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I don't see the value in creating a new group. It probably makes more sense to use the existing one where people who are experienced in polyphasic sleep participate: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/polyphasic

On requesting to join, using a gmail account, I get:

"You do not have permission to join this forum"

I wrote an email to the group highliting the issue. At the moment the message is pending approval. Hopefully the issue can be fixed.

I still remember the move from the Yahoo group to the Google group with happened a long time ago ;) The group looks at the moment a bit less active then it was in the post.

While looking through the latest post I found that there an active forum at http://forum.polyphasicsociety.com/index.php which might be of interest to anyone trying to adopt the shedule.

I got an answer from puredoxyk saying:

Requests need to be approved, and sometimes this takes a little time; sorry. If they're rejected, it's almost always because someone didn't answer the mandatory question that asks you to verify that you're over 18.

So just sign up and it doesn't get approved after a reasonable timeframe, bring up the issue again.

Anyone should be able to join -- I just tested this with another email address, and there are indeed a few people on the list now. If you are still having issues, send me your email and I'll add you.

There is also the ##polyphasers channel on freenode. While we've drifted a bit from only polyphasic talk, lots of regulars there did attempt to sleep polyphasically, some even a few times, so questions can be thoroughly answered. Also, since the people there are from all time zones, it is easy to find someone to talk to to keep you awake. Though that can apply to any moderately sized IRC channel...

The Uberman Yahoo Group has been around for years. The group is moderated (so there isn't any spam) and it is free to join with any email address. Check it out here: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/uberman/