We're having another SoCal LessWrong meetup this Saturday, the 26th. It'll be held in the upstairs meeting area at this IHOP in Irvine. It will start at 2PM and probably run until 7 or so.

The format for past meetups has varied based on the number of attendees and their interests, at various points we have tried: paranoid debating, small group "dinner party conversations", structured rationality exercises, large discussions with people sharing personal experiences with sleep and "nutraceutical" interventions for intelligence augmentation, and specialized subprojects to develop tools for quantitatively estimating the value of things like cryonics or existential risk interventions.

If you need or can offer a ride, post in the comments.

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Can offer rides from Huntington Beach.

I'll be driving up from San Diego and can offer a ride to anyone in between. Send me a PM to trade contact info.

I will be driving from Lake Forest/Irvine. Message me if you want a ride.

Count me in.

I'll be coming. Thanks for putting this together again, Jennifer.

I suggest two topics:

Jimmy handled the post, which is a big part of the work. I think we're getting enough social momentum and have infrastructure in place so these are easier to make happen than they used to be :-)

I'd totally be up for a conversation about how to develop a more cohesive and active community. I've been hesitant to force things into any particular shape because I've wanted "what makes them rewarding" to bubble up from the participants rather than me imposing a lot of theory-driven schemes on the process.

This must mean Saturday, the 26th of March.

Yeah, I'm an idiot, sorry. Thats what I get for trying to reuse old words.

I was rather thinking you were a highly altruistic person, benefiting the community, who inadvertently got the date wrong. Thanks for making this happen!

Hah, but thats not even true!

All I did was copy JenniferRMs description from last time and post it. She's doing all the real work!

All I did was copy JenniferRMs description from last time and post it. She's doing all the real work!

Well, as usual then... [insert smiley emoticon].