26 March 2011 Southern California Meetup

by jimmy 1 min read20th Mar 201111 comments


We're having another SoCal LessWrong meetup this Saturday, the 26th. It'll be held in the upstairs meeting area at this IHOP in Irvine. It will start at 2PM and probably run until 7 or so.

The format for past meetups has varied based on the number of attendees and their interests, at various points we have tried: paranoid debating, small group "dinner party conversations", structured rationality exercises, large discussions with people sharing personal experiences with sleep and "nutraceutical" interventions for intelligence augmentation, and specialized subprojects to develop tools for quantitatively estimating the value of things like cryonics or existential risk interventions.

If you need or can offer a ride, post in the comments.