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Are people keen to have these in text format? I've transcribed a couple of them (it's one of the SIAI volunteer tasks) and I want to know if it's worth carrying on.

As before: Will more people please vote this up? I think we should be strongly reinforcing this kind of behavior.

Also: where is the text for the videos you've transcribed already?

I emailed the text to Ken Myers and he acknowledged it, but I don't know what happened to it. It doesn't seem to have appeared here yet (I've done 03 and 04 from 2009):

Some random thoughts about that page:

  • Obviously needs to be kept up to date. It's missing my transcriptions (and others as well for all I know) as well as the 2011 videos. (Obviously people will have been busy with the summit etc).
  • It would be useful, once you've finished transcribing one video, to be able to commit to doing some more. If the commitments get displayed on the page then people know they're not going to collide with each other.

Ken has been busy. Can you please send them to luke [at]

Adding to what Luke said, which ones have you and haven't you transcribed? I'll transcribe others.

Damnit, now I've got semantic satiation on the word "transcribe".

I've been slowly working down the 2009 list in the order that they're listed here:

Doing them in popularity order might make more intuitive sense, but doing them sequentially might result in fewer collisions if multiple people are doing it simultaneously. See also my reply to lukeprog.

Edit: completed on 30-Jan-2012 (note deadline slip from 31-Dec-2011)

  • DONE 2009.03 Anders Sandberg
  • DONE 2009.04 Randal Koene
  • DONE 2009.05. Itamar Arel
  • DONE 2009.06. Ben Goertzel
  • DONE 2009.07. Stuart Hameroff
  • DONE 2009.08. David Chalmers

I'll commit to transcribing

  • Vernor Vinge and Bob Pisani. Conversation on the Singularity.
  • Esther Dyson. 23andme and personal genomics.
  • James Miller. Societal reactions to the Singularity.
  • Dharmendra Modha. IBM's research into Whole Brain Emulation.

by December 1, 2011. (Other transcribers should notice that I skipped one in this list; I want to start with talks I haven't already seen).

It would be best if there were some sort of official place to put intent to transcribe, but for now I'll edit this comment with my own intentions to transcribe those videos, with appropriate automatic removal and assumption that the work will never be done if it's not done by a date specified by the user.

Edited to add, December 6, 2011: Task was completed on time. Currently too busy to commit to more for a while.

If it's ok to NOT do them sequentially (I'd rather transcribe the ones I'm more interested in), I'll commit to transcribing

  • Sonia Arrison. 100 Plus: how the coming age of longevity will change everything, from careers and relationships to family and faith.
  • Michael Shermer. Social Singularity: transitioning from civilization 1.0 to 2.0.
  • Brian Litt. The past, present and future of brain machine interfaces.
  • Robin Hanson. How does society identify experts, and when does it work? (it's on the 2009 list, but is decently far down)

Where do we send the transcriptions when we are done?

Also, when doing the Bostrom video, I was able to "summarize"/re-word to almost 1/3 of the length (the way people talk isn't necessarily the easiest/quickest way to convey textual information in written form). It was a PITA, so I won't absolutely commit to doing it for the other vids, but would that be something people were interested in?

You can give me the transcriptions and I can post them somewhere when they're ready.

lukeprog said to send them to him. I can cc both of you, but I don't want to make coordination any more difficult than it needs to be :-)

I emailed Michael, and cc'd Luke, but...yeah, if you guys have a preference for who gets what?

Thanks! I tried to send one to you on here but the formatting (italics, new lines, etc) didn't copy. Should I send it without formatting, or email it to you (and if so, could you send me your email)?

After some prompting I'm now going to be working on this again, starting from the most recent ones.

DONE 2011 Ray Kurzweil (From Eliza to Watson to passing the Turing Test) CURRENTLY WORKING ON 2011 Stephen Wolfram (Computation and the future of mankind)

Damnit, now I've got semantic satiation on the word "transcribe".

Seems rational.

I'm so glad that this exists now. Finally, an organized place for all the Summit videos, all on one page. Will it be updated in the future?

No, it will never be updated again. This page is only for 2006-2011 Summits, no others.

(Yes it will be updated, forgive my snarkiness :D )

Adding on to that, these three links seem to be broken because of a stray %0A:

Alexander Wissner-Gross. Planetary-scale intelligence.

Tyler Cowen & Michael Vassar. Debate on the Great Stagnation.

Dileep George and Scott Brown. From planes to brains: building AI the Wright way.

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Nevermind retracting it, it's even more distracting now. -.-

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If you retract and delete your own comments, the original could then be deleted - leaving things neat and tidy.

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Wow. Thank you very much.

What happened to "David Brin" and "A History of Bayes' Theorem"?

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Wonderfull resource to have!

Also I'm just wondering if you have any comment on the somewhat related questions I have about the availability of the summit talks.

Done. I am uploading the interviews as we speak. Holler @ me anytime!


Wow I wasn't expecting a response! :D

My ears are open to comments. ( I am even willing to entertain the possibility of phone conversations if there is any particularly important information to convey.