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Could an AI secretly make money on Onlyfans?

I was thinking about how a misaligned AI with write-access to the Internet could gain power without anyone noticing. It looks like porn would be a decent option. It's definitely easier than ordering peptides that turn into nanobots, and less noticeable than blackmail. All the AI has to do is generate realistic pictures of a hot girl and fish for horny subscribers. And then, when you've got money, you've got power.

If the pictures are convincing enough, it would be very hard for anyone to figure out it's fake, especially because it's normal for models not to give any identifying information.

Maybe we can actually try to do it. Just pretend we are an AI, and see how much money we can raise. If it works, it can be a compelling way to demonstrate that there are ways for AIs to silently gain power using only an Internet connection. If it doesn't work, well, it's good news: the world will not immediately end due to porn.

Unfortunately, I don't have any skills in AI-generated stuff, so I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. But if someone here knows an easy way to produce realistic pics of a fictitious model, maybe we can start something.

There are already plenty of ways that people can make money online via websites like Fiverr and Upwork. There's no need to do anything like creating fake porn to make money on the internet. 

This is just another example of something that humans with the assistance of tool-AI can do as well or better than AI on it's own.  Which makes it a good topic to watch for - how much (if any) porn revenue is computer-generated?  Nonzero, I'm sure, but I don't follow closely enough to know if it's significant.

It's also another example of something that the median performer just doesn't make much, and is pretty well saturated with humans trying their hand (or other parts) at it.  For a long time yet, humans will be cheaper, at any quality/revenue level, than AI.

Yes - seems sensible. I believe ARC is doing some work tracing out various possible attack vectors of AI.