Why do we think most AIs unintentionally created by humans would create a worse world, when the human mind was designed by random mutations and natural selection, and created a better world?

by contravariant 1 min read13th May 201712 comments


As far as AI designers go, evolution has to be one of the worst. It randomly changes the genetic code, and then selects on the criterion of ingroup reproductive fitness - in other words, how well a being can reproduce and stay alive - it says nothing about the goals of that being while it's alive.

To survive, and increase one's power are instrumentally convergent goals of any intelligent agent, which means that evolution does not select for any specific type of mind, ethics, or final values.

And yet, it created humans and not paperclip maximizers. True, humans rebelled against and overpowered evolution, but in the end we ended up creating amazing things and not a universe tiled with paperclips(or DNA, for that matter).

Considering how neural network training and genetic algorithms are considered some of the most dangerous ways of creating an AI,

the fact that natural evolution managed to create us with all our goals of curiosity and empathy and love and science,

would be a very unlikely coincidence given that we assume that most AIs we could create are worthless in terms of their goals and what they will do with the universe. Did it happen by chance? The p-value is pretty small on this one.

Careless evolution managed to create humans on her first attempt at intelligence, but humans, given foresight and intelligence, have an extreme challenge making sure an AI is friendly? How can we explain this contradiction?