February 27 2011 Southern California Meetup

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There will be a LessWrong meetup for Southern California on Sunday February 27th at 1:30PM.  The location is being kindly provided by the Harvey Mudd A.I. & Future Technology Club in the Platt Campus Center of Harvey Mudd College.  There will food, drinks, small group conversation, a whiteboard, a projector, and an opportunity to try paranoid debating.

For travel planning purposes, the meetup is happening about 10 blocks north of the Claremont Metrolink Station, which connects to the hub at LA Union Station.  Train schedules can be searched here.  Also there should be car pooling opportunities in the comments.

As more meetups have happened attendance has been increasing.  If you want to make sure to see future announcements so you don't miss a meetup, you can sign up for the mailing list. The room should be comfy for up to 40 people and we've never had more than that number yet, but for planning purposes it would be helpful if people RSVP in the comments.

See you there!

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I will be driving from Lake Forest/Irvine. Message me if you want a ride.

Driving from Huntington Beach. Message me if you want a ride.

Please RSVP for yourself and any guests by responding this this comment.

Being at Harvey Mudd, I'll definitely attend, though I doubt I can help anyone with transportation :)

I plan on coming.

I plan on coming.

I won't attend this one (too far from Irvine), but thanks for setting up that mailing list. Now I don't have to worry about missing a meetup via not checking the site for a while.

I plan on coming.

RSVP: I will be coming and bringing a guest for a total of 2 people.