Browser is Chrome 12.0.742.122. It doesn't happen on Firefox. "It" is:

  • sometimes I can't click on links and eventually I get Chrome's "dead tab" notification
  • other times it keeps loading, even though while I wait for it to load I can go to, say, my user page and have it load right away
  • twice I've gotten weird graphical bugs on it. Screenshots: 1 2

To reiterate, it only happens on the front page, the one you get when you go to Other pages are fine. Perhaps it's the map?

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This really doesn't look like something we can fix.

Isn't 12.0 something like quadruple-beta of the "Stable" version of Chrome? Maybe you shouldn't be surprised.

I mean, I use Nightly, the triple-beta of FF because it has a 64-bit version (And let's be honest here, I like feeling superior to to people) but whenever I get an error, I chalk it up to using an experimental browser and move on (or switch browsers.)

That being said, Nightly works far better than I would have expected for a highly experimental browser, even considering that it doesn't support Java or Silverlight.

Isn't 12.0 something like quadruple-beta of the "Stable" version of Chrome?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean here. It's the current stable release

OP: For the record, I'm on Chrome 13 and I haven't noticed anything like you mentioned here. The graphical glitches make me think something is up with your video card or the drivers for it, but if it's only happening for LW...I'm not sure what to tell you.

Ahh, I guess it is. It's been a long time since I used Chrome, I thought they were around 8.0 or 9.0.

There's a severe bug in the latest version of nvidia's linux drivers that can cause this. Don't suppose you're using that?

Firefox 5 is broken for slow connections - when I attempt to open multiple tabs, for example scrolling down HN and opening interesting looking articles in new tabs, later tabs often hang and need to be halted and reloaded to actually download. I am seriously considering going back to FF 3.6 since this did NOT happen before. And FF5 is considered the "stable" version.

ADDED: I think that part of the problem is an "enhanced" upgrade cycle. They have to make changes to justify the "upgrades" (or at least the new version) and stupid people think that new is more important than working good.

When you say, "slow connection," how slow do you mean? Dial-up slow?

I have the same problem with the same version of chrome, including the weird graphical bugs.