Dan Nuffer and I are putting together a free webinar that will go through the ideas in Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Life Decisions, combined with whatever else seems useful. The authors of this book include one of the pioneers of decision analysis.

Although they don't describe it as such, Smart Choices is really a manual for basic applied instrumental rationality. It's a systematic way of going about your decisions, applicable to either decision problems (you have a situation dumped in your lap that requires a response) or decision opportunities (proactively seeking out ways to further your goals.)

The webinar will be one-hour sessions once a week for however long it takes to go through the material. We're going to do the webinar on Google+ Hangouts, and we'll have a discussion forum for the webinar on our web site.

If you're interested, send me an email [kevin at ksvanhorn com] with 1) your preferred day/time(s), and 2) the day/times that are out of the question for you.

Google+ Hangouts has a limit of 10 people. Five of those slots are already filled, leaving 5 seats open, so don't wait too long to email me if this is something you're interested in.


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Note that Smart Choices is an award-winning popular self-help/business book written by experts who made technical contributions to the literature on decision-making.

There's a free summary of the book here.

I'm curious whether there is significantly more information in the book than in the summary.

I'm (to my own surprise) interested!