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Anyone recommend a video course on the theory of computation?

by elityre1 min read30th May 20207 comments


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Hey all,

I'm noticing that I want to know more about the basics of theoretical computer science, subjects like the theory of computation.

This is a leisure activity for me (at least for the time being), as opposed to something that I'm going to put substantial study into. I'd like to more or less passively watch a series of videos on the topic, to get a first pass understanding of the conceptual vocabulary and how those concepts relate to each other.

There are lots of courses / series on YouTube, and I don't know which to pick. I'm currently planning to just sample from a few of them, and see which I like best, but I thought I would ask here if there was a series that folks found particularly informative, or clear, or well taught, or otherwise good.

If there was one that you liked, please share!

I'm also glad to hear suggestions about better forums or alternative methods for answering questions like this one. For that matter, I'm curious if people have heuristics for making assessments like these.



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