Yesterday Valery Pride got a decision from police that she is an acting director and owner of the dewar vessels with full bodies patients in Sergiev Posad (Semhoz) which she unsuccessfully tried to take in September. Based on that decision she arranged the transportation of the three large vessels with bodies into a new (but still unfinished) building of the Kriorus in the Tver region, around 170 km from Moscow. A driver was injured in hand during a transportation accident, not related to the conflict. 

Danila Medvedev, her former husband and now rival commented on the event relatively peacefully: "It seems to me that this whole story also has a positive side. At the very least, we get an interesting answer to the objection "who will need these cryopatients in the future?" If even now, when, in the opinion of ordinary people, this is just a bunch of frozen bodies; there are those who are ready to fight for cryopatients. Thus, over time, as the reality and the likelihood of revival gradually grows, I think, and the value of cryopatients will also grow." (In Telegram chat "Open cryonics").

Photos here.

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