November 2017 Media Thread

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This is the monthly thread for posting media of various types that you've found that you enjoy. Post what you're reading, listening to, watching, and your opinion of it. Post recommendations to blogs. Post whatever media you feel like discussing! To see previous recommendations, check out the older threads.


  • Please avoid downvoting recommendations just because you don't personally like the recommended material; remember that liking is a two-place word. If you can point out a specific flaw in a person's recommendation, consider posting a comment to that effect.
  • If you want to post something that (you know) has been recommended before, but have another recommendation to add, please link to the original, so that the reader has both recommendations.
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Short Online Texts Thread

Hibernating ground squirrels provide clues to new stroke treatments.

" A treatment to help brain cells survive a stroke-induced lack of oxygen and glucose could dramatically improve patient outcomes, but no such neuroprotective agents for stroke patients exist."

"ebselen - was found to both boost SUMOylation in rat cells and keep them alive in the absence of oxygen and glucose."

This is also important for space travel to the Belt and beyond. There is some research on-going on hibernation for humans.

and this, reverses brain trauma injury in mice.

What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind?

"We suggest that our personal awareness does not create, cause or choose our beliefs, feelings or perceptions. Instead, the contents of consciousness are generated “behind the scenes” by fast, efficient, non-conscious systems in our brains. All this happens without any interference from our personal awareness, which sits passively in the passenger seat while these processes occur. "

The Effect of Cold Showering on Health and Work: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Looks like it makes you feel tougher, but didn't affect illness days.

Wonder if this is the same folks that did the sauna protects from alzheimers and heart failure....

What is the computational power of the universe?

" Jordan does not imagine what we could learn if humanity somehow converted the entire cosmos into a vast computing device, he asks, now that the universe has undergone billions of years of change in accordance with the laws of nature, can we use what we see through our telescopes to gain insights into difficult computational problems? "

Kiss your car goodbye,

"Everyone will have five years to get their car off the road or sell it for scrap or trade it on a module."

Online Videos Thread

Fanfiction Thread

Fiction Books Thread

NK3 by Michael Tolkin

a SF tale of a bioengineered weapon that destroys reasoning and memories, rendering humanity unable to do science or maintain tech.

TV and Movies (Animation) Thread

TV and Movies (Live Action) Thread

Pulse - 1988

A movie "loosely" based on the 84 story by John Varley called " Press Enter []". X Files also did a take-off on it, but all i remember was a "defense" satellite targeting a hide out trailer. I believe both of those were based on an un-freindly AI, but the Pulse movie was just a bit o' evil in the lines.

Some fabulous macro photog of electronic components overheating,and the play out of circuit boards to city streets is reminiscent of Tron.

An exemplary display of how important music and audio are to make suspenseful and tense tableau. Acting just adequate, and decent S.E. of elect discharge don't date it to bad.

Press Enter [] , Hugo and Nebula for Novella story, originally in Asimov's SF mag.

Pulse -

Pulse - Utube-

and how to do low budget Sci-Fi right

The Drift

Justice League star Ezra Miller on climate change:

spoilers follow

The movie seemed to echo the conservative stance on this issue. Bruce Wayne appears to be a stand-in for elite liberals who are more concerned than the working class who actually lives near the ocean (in this case Aquaman). Aquaman does end up having a change of heart and agrees to save the world from a more immediate threat, though.

Alizbar, A fairy-tale out of time. Guitar and harp. (He also plays with Ann'Sannat.)

Podcasts Thread

Other Media Thread

SAGE: A Test to Detect Signs of Alzheimer's and Dementia

"The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE) is designed to detect early signs of cognitive, memory or thinking impairments. It evaluates your thinking abilities and helps physicians to know how well your brain is working."

Ask HN: How can I use my web development skills for space exploration/tech?

Hate to just post up HN, but there are some good employment ideas in this post. You can also go out to the Mojave Space Port if you have mech skills.

3d app that brings galleries into your living room

The app, called ArtPassport, also provides detailed information about individual artists and their works for newcomers to the art world. They’ve provided virtual tours of recent exhibitions including Haroon Mirza and Jake and Dinos Chapman at the Frieze art fair in London this year."

Grilled Cheese Academy

A cooking site that i wish i had found years ago. Sponsored by Wisconsin , and has a big prize for annual winners.

Bachelor heaven !