The progressive case for replacing the welfare state with basic income

by morganism 3y11th Sep 20161 min read22 comments


I really like this argument for UBI, it looks at the real problems on the front lines of current problems with existing programs.

Something has to be done about this, none of those manufacturing, or managerial jobs are coming back, and the minimum wage increase movement is going to really hammer youth and the un-skilled. Those are the easiest to radicalize, and once they get really angry, things could get ugly very quickly.

"because they aren’t publicly acknowledging just how poorly our present means-tested programs are targeted by virtue of their applied conditions, and just how unequal one dollar can be to one dollar, however counterintuitive that may seem."

"The fact is that cash welfare, as it exists today, is not given to the overwhelming majority of those living in poverty who need it."