Announcement: LessWrong Coronavirus Links Database 2.0

by Ben Pace1 min read24th Mar 20205 comments



There is a massive amount of information and discussion about the coronavirus, and it can be challenging to keep track of all the things coming in from different sources.

To combat that, 11 days ago we announced that the LessWrong team built and is maintaining a database with all the links that we think are useful, categorizing them, summarizing them, and sorting them.

We've just built a major update for the database. Originally it was a Google spreadsheet but we have now integrated it into the LessWrong site proper and improved the information structure. 

You can find the new version at It looks like this:

The database now has 360 links. 

And on mobile it looks like this:

We publish daily updates of the added links (here's the most recent one) and you can get notification of those by going to Habryka's profile page and subscribing to his posts.

How to Contribute to the Database

You can submit links using the Link Submission Form, which is also findable from the Link Database page itself. This is the primary way to help out.

If you would like to put in the time to help maintain this database, you can help us with the data entry work using the more detailed LWC19 Database Data Entry Form, which takes ~5 mins to fill out per link (varying time depending on the link). If you submit 5 links this way, we'll reach out to thank you and give you better access to the database.

If you'd like to help out further with the LessWrong response to the coronavirus, here is my post on 3 low-key ways to help out.

Thank you to the following awesome people who submitted link: Jess Reidel, Ray Arnold, Justin Shovelain, Shri Samson, Jeffrey Ladish, Kyle, Christopher Paul, Roman, VillainMaterial, Sarira, romeostevensit, Jacob Lagerros, ESRogs, Ruby, William-Jose Velez, Matthew Hollett, silverdrake11, Erik Willekens, Eugene Esca, Rod, Vincent Lau, Naryan Wong.