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Equilibrium point of the social evolution under the selective pressure of COVID-19?

by Yandong Zhang1 min read21st Apr 20204 comments


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As discussed and analyses in the below posts, "enough people wearing respirators" could be an equilibrium point of the final social evolution under the selective pressure of COVID-19, because people wearing resprator (and gloves) could block the propagating path of the virus and lead to smarespiratorll R0.


anybody provide other candidates of the final equilibrium point?

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1 Answers

Most equilibria aren't "final", though some may last quite awhile. Candidates for some longer-term equilibria (not in desirability nor likelihood order):

  • Innoculation/immunization works well, and infrastructure for frequent updates for variants is solid.
  • Pervasive low-level infection. Most people get it at some point, and get each variant as it shows up. The vast majority survive.
  • Humans become extinct, or fall to such low population and tech levels that the virus dies out.
  • Herd immunity. Enough survivors that it becomes very rare and dies out.

It's not clear that "wearing respirators" is anything but a transition, and an extension of time to minimize the pain while getting to an actual long-term situation.