What can you teach us?

by Emile 1 min read28th May 201128 comments


In a recent thread, SarahC said:

I'd prefer more posts that aim to teach something the author knows a lot about, as opposed to an insight somebody just thought of. Even something less immediately related to rationality -- I'd love, say, posts on science, or how-to posts, at the epistemic standard of LessWrong.

... so here's the place to float ideas around: is there an area you know a lot about? A topic you've been considering writing about? Here's the place to mention it!

From a poll on what people want to see more of, the most votes went to:

  • Statistics
  • Game Theory
  • Direct advice for young people
  • General cognitive enhancing tools (such as Adderall and N-Back)
  • Information Theory
  • Economics

Some that got less votes:

  • Data visualization
  • (Defence against the) Dark Arts
  • Moral Philosophy (looks like that's being done already)
  • Postmodernism
  • Getting along in an irrational world
  • Existential risks
  • Medicine, Applied Human Biology

... but there are certainly many more things that would be interesting and useful to the community. So what can you teach us?