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Source of Karma

by jmh 1 min read9th Feb 202014 comments


I was thinking the other day it would be interesting to know something about the karma I was getting. Particularly the quality, to the extent that is possible to assess.

I suspect everyone would prefer to have those they respect up voting posts and comments but that type of transparency might not be desirable. I'm not sure if some type of weighting system would work or not -- how may karma points do the account giving an up vote have so you can get some average gauge of quality of the feedback.

I would not think that should be on the main page but something each person can look at under their own account.

Wonder what others think or if this has been suggested before?

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I'd much rather have less focus on meaningless internet points around here (and in most places). Focus on collecting good comments that help you update your beliefs and models, in order to be less wrong.

Note that there _is_ a weighting that happens - higher-karma people give/take more than 1 karma with their votes. It's not specific to your evaluation of them, nor all that visible, but it's there.