Anyone else reading "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach"?

by fowlertm1 min read5th Nov 20163 comments


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I'm almost done with the third chapter of AIMA by Russell and Norvig. Is anyone else reading it? It'd be nice to have someone to talk the concepts over with, and perhaps share Anki-card-creation duties. 

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Hello, fellow AIMA reader :-) I'm positive a fair number of LW members have read the book, or at least the first chapters. I'm one of them!

How do you want to communicate? You can ask your questions here, or exchange direct messages, or chat... the possibilities are endless!

Thanks! I suppose I wasn't as clear as I could have been: I was actually wondering if there are any people who are reading it currently, who might be grappling with the same issues as me and/or might be willing to split responsibility for creating Anki cards. This textbook is outstanding, and I think there would be significant value in anki-izing as much of it as possible.

I've also read a good portion of this book, but that was several years ago. Great textbook!