I'm looking to build a product and I hope to find partners with this post.

On April 6th it was announced the Nano Build-off: Compete in a $75,000 competition to award and empower developers building new products/services utilising Nano.

Nano is a cyptocurrency protocol which enables feeless (zero fees) and fast transactions (0.1s in average confirmation time), which allows micropayments in large scale and the network supports hundreds transactions per second.

Last year I and a random strange on the internet participated on a Nano JAM, it was a 48h competition and we won the first place. I have a good understanding of the protocol, and even you don't know anything about Nano, I have good teaching skills, I can fastly teach you and bring you to the point of being able to deal with RPC calls, send and receive transactions and get everything you need from the block-lattice. I need a curiosity-driven person with normal programming skills.

I already have 4 roughly elaborated ideas (one plugin, one service, one app to help to fight coronavirus, and one game) and I want to discuss them in details and I am also open to completely new ideas. I know we already lost one week (the competition started on April 6th), but this shouldn't be a problem as I am quarantined and 16h daily on the computer. Since 2nd March I don't have income anymore (stopped leaving home due to coronavirus), and I want to make sure you know I am really all-in and I need money to help my family and myself.

I am good on python development, good on creating great visualizations because of my animation skills (using the python library MANIM, I am good enough to replicate the work of 3b1b). I already collected some Kivy tutorials that produce mobile apps and know it is feasible to create them, I already created simple mobile apps with it. I know how to build wordpress websites and attach plugins on it, but I don't know anything about javascript and web development in general.

If you want to join me, add me on Discord: Hamburguesa#4306


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