Donald Hobson's AI Safety Card Game already has simple cards you can print out on cardstock and cut out, but I wanted a nicer print-on-demand version with illustrated card backs.[1] You can order it here. Major thanks to Mati Roy for helping make this happen, along with Jim Babcock, and Daniel Recinto.

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    Card-back illustrations are AI-generated. We did this around December-January, when the state of the art for AI-generated illustrations was much worse! I would be excited for someone to re-do it now. There's a lot of room for improvement; for example, illustrated card fronts rather than just card backs.

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Feels like this post should somewhere mention Donald Hobson who (I believe) invented this game.

i really like the (misalignment? 😅) vibe of this "much worse AI"; makes me think i should maybe sometimes tell the new AIs to generate images in the style of older AIs 😅

I was glad I could help. Thanks for making this happened ☺️


Is this game playable by people only lightly familiar with the topic of AI safety? In other words, can I use this game to introduce friends to the ideas? Can I use it to convince skeptical friends? Or would it be too jargony/reliant on prior knowledge?

Edit: The play online option is non-functional, and I can't see any examples of a real hand, so it's hard for me to get a sense of what this game is like.

I think part of the point is to introduce jargon. But I suspect it requires some minimal threshold of familiarity. If you're explaining every single card it's probably not that fun.