"The Journal of Real Effects"

by CarlShulman 1 min read5th Mar 20126 comments


Luke's recent post mentioned that The Lancet has a policy encouraging the advance registration of clinical trials, while mine examined an apparent case study of data-peeking and on-the-fly transformation of studies. But how much variation is there across journals on such dimensions? Are there journals that buck the standards of their fields (demanding registration, p=0.01 rather than p=0.05 where the latter is typical in the field, advance specification of statistical analyses and subject numbers, etc)? What are some of the standouts? Are there fields without any such?

I wonder if there is a niche for a new open-access journal, along the lines of PLoS, with standards strict enough to reliably exclude false-positives. Some possible titles:


  • The Journal of Real Effects
  • (Settled) Science
  • Probably True
  • Journal of Non-Null Results, Really
  • Too Good to Be False
  • _________________?