Meetup : First Meetup in Cologne (Köln)

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Discussion article for the meetup : First Meetup in Cologne (Köln)

WHEN: 10 November 2013 03:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Starbucks Coffee, An der Hahnepooz 8 50674 Cologne‎

ETA: The meetup is going to take place on November, 10th, 15:00. I'll be there. In case you don't find the place or something, here's my number: 0157 39606835

As far as I can tell, there never has been a Lesswrong meetup in Cologne. This is a shame, considering that Cologne has over 1 million inhabitants.

I recently moved here from Munich (where I already attended 3 Lesswrong Meetups) to study and would like to meet folks who are also interested in Lesswrong and related topics. Regarding the content and structure of the meetup: I would suggest that at first each of us proposes some discussion topics he or she is interested in (e.g. epistemic rationality, effective altruism, far future/FAI, practical life tips, etc.) and then we choose the most popular ones. And simple socializing and getting to know each other is also great, as far as I'm concerned.

Here is a link to a doodle survey (, in which you can put your favorite date. I prefer Sundays, but if nobody can attend on Sundays, we can probably change the date.

Please, please leave a comment if you're interested in a LW meetup in Cologne, even if you can't attend one in the next weeks/months.

And remember, (almost) everyone is welcome, especially newbies!

Discussion article for the meetup : First Meetup in Cologne (Köln)