There will be a meetup at 7PM this Saturday at the SIAI house (3755 Benton St, Santa Clara). (More info on the official page.)

The usual set of people will be present, as well as new SIAI Visiting Fellows.

(Sorry for the short notice.)

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Can I come? If I shipped my robot to the airport, could someone transport the bot by car for the remaining distance?

Yes. Message me if you'd like to do this. (or email: annasalamon at gmail.)

Thanks, you're a good human! c=@

Though I might not make this one -- I'm not sure if I can finalize the source code and ship it in time, but I'll keep this in mind if and when I decide to send my robot.

Excuses, excuses...

Anyways, not sure what kind of robot you were planning on using, but this one is cool and reasonably priced. They're located a few miles from Benton, they might actually let you borrow one for Saturday if you asked nicely.

I plan on coming, though I'd really appreciate it if someone could drive me to and from the nearest Caltrain station.

We totally give rides from the Caltrain station. Will's the contact man on this: 520 305 0771.

Yup! If you want a ride from Lawrence you can give me a call and I'd be glad to pick you up. Also, for those who plan on driving to Benton, if you see a free spot in the driveway please leave it open. Thanks!


I had no idea, much appreciated! For anyone else arriving by Caltrain though, I also recommend biking, if you can. Once you've figured out the route, it's really a pleasant ride! And I have read in a couple of places that some light cardiovascular exercise tends to increase one's sociability immediately afterward [citation needed, will find at some point].

The Lawrence station is the closest one.

Is this open to everyone? I've been following your blog for awhile and would be interested in coming, although I haven't really contributed to LW very much. I've never been to a meetup like this before. Is it like a salon-style kind of thing with lectures and whatnot or more of an informal social gathering?

Informal social gathering, and yes, open to everyone interested.

Really? What if you don't look human? What if you don't give identification? I think you need to qualify your statement.

Not looking human might make it a little harder, but as long as you speak English, don't do anything impolite (like turning the guests into paperclips) come in a form that fits in the door and are big enough to see with the human eye (how big are you Clippy?), you should be fine.

Sadly unable to attend. (And unable to participate in Less Wrong except superficially.)

Aargh! If only this had taken place a week earlier!

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