First Triangle LW Meetup 5/4 7pm (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) [Repost]

by curiousepic 1 min read28th Apr 201110 comments


Note: This announcement was previously posted here but was not promoted at the time.  I assume this was either because the date was too far out or there was no summary break. Please let me know if I should delete that post or ask for people to downvote it to balance karma or if there is some other reason it or this post was not promoted.

When: Wednesday, May 4th at 7:00 pm

Where: Morrisville Outlet Mall Food Court;  I'll be wearing a Lego evolution shirt and may or may not have a LW sign.

This Google doc contains some preliminary notes as well as my phone number.  I imagine this meeting will consist of introductions and some meta stuff about future meetups.  We have seven people that can attend, including the number three LW poster, Alicorn.  Hopefully there are even more LWers in the area, or at least rationalists that we can reach out to; it certainly seems like there should be, being the "Research Triangle" and all. And feel free to join us if you're not officially inside the Triangle, of course.  If there are a bunch of people in Greensboro or Charlotte, we can probably move the venue further West.

Hope to see you there!