Winter Solstice 2018 Roundup

by Raemon 1 min read28th Nov 20188 comments


Many LessWrong communities are holding Winter Solstice holiday events. What exactly that entails varies from community-to-community, but often includes:

  • A ceremony commemorating humanity's progress over the millenia (often involving speeches and singalong songs)
  • Meetups and parties coinciding with said ceremony, providing a natural time for many people to travel for a larger-than-usual rationalist gathering.

If you're hosting such an event, this is a good post to comment on linking to whatever event-pages you have set up to collect RSVPs or tickets/donations.

It's helpful reserving a spot ASAP (as well as donating to help pay for the cost of the venue), so that the organizers can plan better. Many events have a pay-what-you-can scheme, with newcomers or people without much spare cash encouraged to donate around $15, and more well-to-do community members can help subsidize the event for others.

Events So Far

US East Coast Megameetup

December 15th – New York City is hosting their annual Solstice + Megameetup. Travelers are welcome all weekend long to stay at a large house being rented for the occasion. The ceremony itself is will be Saturday evening.

Bay Area

December 9th – The San Francisco Bay Area is holding their solstice event at a planetarium in Oakland. There should be a sufficient number of seats, but seating is finite, so please get an official ticket on Eventbrite to confirm there is still space.


December 21st – A smaller, more intimate event, Boston wins the "actually celebrating Solstice on Solstice" award.


December 22nd – Honorable mention for "almost on actual Solstice."

I believe there are Solstices in the works in the UK and Germany but do not know many details about them. If you're running one, please comment!