Here's an index of Kaj_Sotala's articles (not including meta posts):

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It would be nice if this were an automated feature of the website versus something lukeprog has to spend time on.

"...versus something lukeprog's assistant has to spend time on."

Perhaps lukeprog's assistant should make a separate account to post these through, to avoid getting this complaint every time they make such a post.

He could get paid in karma, too. ;P

I updated my PHP script to be able to generate a post index, sortable by votes.

Well, it pretty much is:

It's just that Kaj is bad about using summary breaks and so the page is a pain to navigate; contrast with my submissions.

The lack of sorting by up-votes is unfortunate.

Eeep! Thank you.

Reading them now, many of my earlier posts (including some relatively upvoted ones) feel embarassingly badly written. It's a wonder how much one can improve in just a couple of years.


Wow, the titles-only index is way more readable than the other broken ways to get this sort of thing.