Two weeks ago I announced the LessWrong Coronavirus Agenda, an attempt to increase knowledge by coordinating research between LW participants. This post is an update on that. If you want to skip to action items, check out the last section.

Last Week’s Spotlight Questions

What is my prognosis (short term or long term) if I am infected with coronavirus?

What will the economic effects of a 3 week quarantine be? 3 months?

This one was obviously going to take more than a week to answer, but we had some great starts.

  • Bucky on the cost of shutdowns.
  • Magfrump on small businesses.
  • Ssobanska on what we already know from China. Due to a glitch this one was invisible to most people, so I highly encourage you to check it out now.

Other Highlights Of The Week

Peter Hurford of Rethink Priorities shared his research agenda, which is operating at a different level of abstraction.

EconDB, a per-country dashboard of economic indicators.

Open thread is dead. Long live the open thread.

Changes To The Agenda

“What is my prognosis?” is being retired from the spotlight and its answers added to the record, although it will remain available for new answers.Added two answers to "What are the basic epidemiological parameters of C19?"Economics questions expanded (see below)

This Week’s Spotlight Questions

Previous ultra-vague economics question replaced by three mildly less vague economics questions

What are the costs, benefits, and logistics of opening up new vaccine facilities?

Prompted by David Manheim’s excellent comment and subsequent excellent discussion in the agenda post, I want to investigate how, exactly, vaccine production facilities could be made and what the costs and benefits of doing so are.
This was published a day later than planned because I used up my daily posting quota on the actual questions and got throttled.

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