There are some adjustments to the weekly meetups in Irvine:

The meetup for June 15th is cancelled because the regular attendees are on vacation that week.

The following week, the meetup will be Tuesday June 21, instead of Wednesday. We expect special guests Alicorn and Yvain to attend.

Normal weekly meetups on Wednesdays will resume on June 29th.

All meetups are from 6:00 to 8:001 at the outdoor food court near the UCI Campus, at Campus and Bridge. Look for me with sign showing a diagram of a naive neural classifier of bleggs and rubes.

To see all scheduled meetups in Southern California, see the calendar. To get announcements by email, join the email group.

1. The end time is very soft. Once as we got up to leave around 11:20, someone remarked "This is how we do 6 to 8."

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Its a work day for me, but I'll probably leave a bit early and drive up from San Diego on the evening of Tuesday June 21. Send me a PM to trade contact info if you want to carpool :-)

I'm bummed that I'm missing this one, it sounds like a good turn out!

On second thought, I am in town. I'll be there :)

I cant wait :)

When I came last week (hadn't checked here a while) and didn't see anybody there, I though the regular meeting was defunct. I'm glad to see it's still going. See y'all this evening!

Good turnout :)

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