LW Update 2019-01-03 – New All-Posts Page, Author hover-previews and new post-item

by habryka 9mo2nd Mar 20191 min read5 comments


Daily page replaced with new "All-posts" page

The old /daily page (accessible via clicking "Daily" on the frontpage, or clicking on "All Posts" in the hamburger menu in the top-left) has been replaced with a new /allPosts page that is showcasing a bunch of new designs that we are planning to roll out across the site over the next few weeks.

Note in particular the changes to the post-preview, which is now reduced to one line and puts all the key information into easily skimmable columns. We also got rid of our beloved little title-column things on the left side, and moved everything into a central column in preparation for some upcoming changes to the overall site structure.

By default the page will function just like the old /daily page, but with optional additional functionality in the form of new filters and sorting options (this now also finally allows you to easily sort by "total karma" again).

Author hover-preview

If you hover over the author names of comments and posts, you can now see a small preview of their bio, the time they signed up and the number of posts and comments that they've written. The goal is to make it easier to figure out whether an author has written other content you might want to read, and whether the user you are looking at is new, which helps you set expectations and hopefully encourages people to help new users get onboarded.

Karma notifications

Jim talked a bit more about karma notifications over in another meta post. I think this is a pretty important feature, and am interested in people's thoughts on the new notifications.