LW's first job ad

by Eliezer Yudkowsky1 min read16th Sep 201097 comments


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A friend of the Singularity Institute is seeking to hire someone to research trends and surprises in geopolitics, world economics, and technology - a brainstorming, think-tank type job at a for-profit company.  No experience necessary, but strong math and verbal skills required; they're happy to hire out of college and would probably hire out of high school if they find a math-Olympiad type or polymath. This is a job that requires you to think all day and come up with interesting ideas, so they're looking for people who can come up with lots of ideas and criticize them without much external prompting, and enough drive to get their research done without someone standing over their shoulder.  They pay well, and it obviously does not involve sales or marketing. They're interested in Less Wrong readers because rationality skills can help.  Located in San Francisco.  Send résumé and cover letter to yuanshotfirst@gmail.com.  Writing sample optional.