The Lesswrong community is often a dependable source of recommendations, network help, and advice. When I'm looking for a book or learning material on a topic I'll often try and search here to see what residents have found useful. Similarly, social advice, anecdotes and explanations as seen from the point of view of the community have regularly been insightful or eye-opening. The prototypical examples of such articles are, on top of my head :

the topics of which are neatly listed on


And lately


the latter prompted me to write this article. We don't keep track of such resources as far as I know. This probably belongs in the wiki as well.


Other potentially useful resources were:

math learning

misc learning






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Your post title is misleading, or at least ambiguous-- I thought the post would be about building the LW community.

I think How-To and Recommendation Posts would be better, though it may be improvable.

Fair. However, such topics can can get people together, as well as attract /interest newcomers. How could I still explicitly emphasize the idea that these posts are a benefit and an aspect of the Lesswrong community while removing the ambiguity about this being about community building?

(I'll change it to "Lesswrong Community's How-Tos and Recommendations" for the time being).


say, all those links point to just Fix it please.

Oops. Thanks. Done.