Wanted: Rationalist Pushback (link)

by aronwall 1 min read17th Dec 201231 comments


Recently I started a new blog, named "Undivided Looking: comments on physics and theology".  You can find it here:


My main goals are to:

  • discuss science and/or religion issues
  • popularize some fundamental physics ideas to folks who aren't afraid of math, but don't necessarily know much physics

(My day job is researching quantum gravity at UC Santa Barbara, so I actually know what I'm talking about when it comes to the science.)

I'm posting this to Less Wrong in order to solicit comments from intelligent and civil members of the rationalist community.  I'm a Christian, but I want to avoid groupthink in the comments section, since I believe ideas should be developed and tested around people with multiple viewpoints.  So if anyone is willing to come and provide some friendly pushback from a rationalist perspective, that would be much appreciated.

Since the Less Wrong community is particularly interested in discussing epistemic norms, I'd be especially happy to get feedback on this series of posts:

Pillars of Science: Summary and Questions

in which I identify 6 different features of scientific inquiry which help account for its phenomenal success.  (Religion is only mentioned tangentially in this particular series, so even if you aren't interested in rehashing religious debates, you could still make a valuable contribution there.)