Fallacymania: party game where you notice fallacies in arguments

by Alexander2301 min read21st Jul 20169 comments


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Fallacymania is a game developed by Moscow LessWrong community. Main goals of this game is to help people notice fallacies in arguments, and of course to have fun. The game requires 3-20 players (recommended 4-12), and some materials: printed A3 sheets with fallacies (5-10 sheets), card deck with fallacies (you can cut one A3 sheet into cards, or print stickers and put them to common playing cards), pens and empty sheets, and 1 card deck of any type with at least 50 cards (optional, for counting guessing attempts). Rules of the game are explained here:


This is the sheet of fallacies, you can download it and print on A3 or A2 sheet of paper:


Also you can use this sheet to create playing cards for debaters.

When we created this game, we used these online articles and artwork about fallacies:




Also I've made electronic version of Fallacymania for Tabletop Simulator (in Steam Workshop):