I am working on a rationality blog aggregator.

You can help by responding with some rationality-related blogs that you personally find valuable.

I'll announce here when I'm ready to release it publicly.

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They're not all rationality related per se, but you might be interested in some of the ones listed here: http://lesswrong.com/lw/6ls/other_useful_sites_lwers_read/

Thanks there are some good ones there.

If it's not strictly related but likely of interest to the same people that are interested in rationality (e.g. credible self-improvement) then it's better if posts aren't that frequently. For instance, there's a lot of good stuff in hacker news but there's 100+ front-page posts per day and it would drown everything else out.

If the aggregator proves popular I could introduce a text-classification filter to try to only include relevant posts from sources with varied content, but I'm only willing to invest time in that if it turns out that people are responsive to the aggregator in its current simpler form.

I didn't see Shane Legg's blog on your list.

Thanks, added.

Silas' blog updates rarely, but is good.

And Andart.

Definitely David Brin's blog

Not sure if they'd count as Rationality Blogs, but I'm a huge fan of The Last Psychiatrist, and to a lesser extend Science, Not Fiction

nerfhammer, what's on your list already?

And you still want more? :) Thanks anyway, it will take some time to check these.

Somewhere, there must be some optimum between reading blogs and actually doing something. A human who would filter out the pearls of wisdom would make things much more efficient.

Anyhow, good luck with... Planet Rationality?

I agree that some kind of filtering (human or machine) could provide additional value, but at this stage I want to see how well the most rudimentary version of the idea works for people before investing further.

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Can you perhaps tell me which of these are by LessWrong posters? I'm making a list and checking it twice...

nerfhammer, FYI: I am the proprietor of "The Thinker" at http://thethinkerblog.com. Normally I don't let other sites scrape my feeds but would be willing to make an exception for Planet Rationalist. Might be a good idea if you could take only the posts tagged "Critical Thinking" though, so you do not get (e.g.,) beer reviews and the like ;-).

Thanks a lot!

I will limit aggregation to the Critical Thinking category as you suggest.

NeurologicaBlog has some good stuff, though it also isn't strictly rationality.

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