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LessWrong posters and readers are generally pretty cool people. Maybe they are interesting bloggers too. And I'm not just talking about rationalist material, that we'd ideally like to be cross posted on LessWrong, no gardening blogs are also fair game. I'm making this a discussion level post so more people can see the list. Please share links to blogs by former or current LWers. Surely the authors wouldn't mind, who wouldn't like more readers? Original list here.

Anyone who wants to suggest a new blog for the list please follow this link.

Blogs by LWers:

List of LWers on Twitter

Note: Anyone just digging for interesting blogs they would like to read but dosen't care if they are written by LWers or not should check out this thread or maybe this one. Did you guys know we have a wiki article with external resources? We do. Check that out as well. Maybe once we figure out which LWer blogs related to rationality on this list are particularly good we can add a few of them there too.


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I meant to say - this is a great and long overdue post, thank you for making it!


I have to say I wasn't expecting this many LWers to be bloggers. Cool.

Ozy is _ozymandias [] on LW. Here's zir comment in a "Welcome to Less Wrong" thread. []
My naive introspection says yes. I seem to remember someone being excited he was a LWer.
I was excited that ze was using LW as a resource to talk about something else ETA: Zir third Social Justice 101 post in particular []

gwern is at Very good content!

Of the ones that I have read so far, I particularly recommend muflax for his entirely-logical craziness (Ontological Therapy was awesome), and Yvain for all kinds of interesting, funny, and/or generally awesome posts (exhibits: interesting, interesting, funny, funny, generally awesome - and there are many more that I could have included but didn't).

Note that as of 10 May 2013 this list has been copied to a page on the LW wiki, which means it can be more easily kept up to date. Announcement.


Post new suggestions of LWer blogs as replies to this comment, since I might miss them otherwise!

Before suggesting a blog, please Ctrl + F search if the nick and blog are already on the list. Format the link to the blog like John Maxwell and erratio did. Thank you!

Generic example:

Are you asking for people to reply to this comment? ("This post" could be (mis)interpreted as referring to the whole page... at least, that's what I did.)
Yes I was. Thank you for pointing out the ambiguity, it is very obvious in hindsight.
*lalaithion --- Too many thoughts, too little time []
Pablo_Stafforini -- Pablo's miscellany []
* EricHerboso --- []
Chris Hallquist --- The Uncredible Hallq []
alexvermeer ---
Trevor Blake - OVO [] Trevor Blake, editor - Dora Marsden [] Trevor Blake, lead judge - George Walford International Essay Prize []
Mind formatting the links? It is not that it would be too much for me to find them and write, I just want to preserve the norm of everyone formatting the responses to save me a trivial inconvenience that adds up over time. When something sticks to the format I just use a macro and I'm done.
* _ozymandias has moved to []
Updated the link.
Eneasz - Death Is Bad []

James_G's blog seems to have vanished from the Internet, which is too bad as I'm looking for an article from it. Does anyone know of a backup anywhere or know a way to contact JamesG himself?

Thank you for posting this in a easy to copy format! It makes updating the list faster for me.
2Peter Wildeford10y
Note: I have now moved to Everyday Utilitarian [].

I'm more of a lurker than a LWer, but in case you're interested: my blog, mainly about programming because I'm mainly about programming.

Once in a blue moon I update my parenting blog.

Input Junkie-- I alternate between political outrage and cool stuff found online.

You are at or near the top of my list of sources of neat internet stuff. (The political outrage is nice too.)

Two things:

1.) I have now moved from to Everyday Utilitarian. 2.) My name is peter hurford, not "peter hurtford". There is no "t" in my last name.

Can these two changes be made?

gjm --- Scribble, scribble, scribble which is getting about one post a year at present. It's been more active in the past (though never very active) and may be more active in the future. No particular theme other than "stuff that happens to interest or amuse me from time to time".

Various music topics here. Nothing LW-relevant, but I've got ideas for a few posts coming up that are informed by my reading here.

Thanks, this is a great motivation to finish my website this weekend.

It will be here:

Too obvious to mention?

Well, that and he isn't particularly a lesswronger.

His kind has recent common ancestors with LessWrong Man, who himself evolved from Archaic Overcoming Bias Man not so long ago. This is why I think it probably is acceptable to include him.

Because of the site fork, there are lots and lots of comments written by him on LessWrong on the sequences, some of them quite influential, that and we do cite OB as a sister site.

Edit: Thinking about it some more I've decided to add several hominids who mostly hang out on OB too.

It's now a group blog [] (again) with Katja Grace and Robert Wiblin.
Most of the content in the archives is Robin Hanson though. So for now I'm keeping it on the list.
I wasn't saying it shouldn't be on the list. And Katja Grace is a lesswronger. (Though Meteuphoric, linked above, is done [].)
Yes. But I may as well add it anyway.
Yes. But I may as well add it anyway.

Here is my blog. It is pitched a lower level of discourse than Less Wrong, but some of you might get some value out of it (especially my upcoming posts).

Probably more relevant to LWers is my mostly about cryonics blog!

I'll plug in my own blog: BentSpoonGames Blog

It's about game design and development.

Downvoted. No need to apologize. Ask for feedback on how to improve, instead.
Mind if I just put up a link to your website?
Probably best :-) []

My blog is at but it is rarely updated and not terribly interesting.

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_ozymandias has moved to

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Giles -- Prince Mm Mm

Mostly just minutes of Toronto LW meetings and suggestions for things to talk about.

erratio --- The merry-go-round of life

Not updated very often and I don't put a great deal of effort into the writing. Most of what I do post is notes from cogsci books I'm reading.

(I think LessWrongUser should be "erratio", or whatever name you wish to be listed under.)
Oops! Corrected, thanks
Updated. Thank you for sticking to the format!
The blog on giving was already on the list.

Sister Y's blog. She's not an LW poster but speaks the language. I saw her commenting on OB and around the contrarian blogosphere, with a meta-contrarian attitude. Mostly talks about ethics, specifically the ethics of anti-natalism and sucide. But has cool posts on cultural processes and general meta-ethics too.

Don't miss out on great material, you can even link to it for free karma as it already meets or exceeds LW Discussion standards.

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(ah, damn, I missed that it's already on Konkvistador's list...)

I don't know if this is what is intended, but I am the voice behind the Georgia Special Education Law Blog But there's practically no overlap between what I post there and what I write about on LessWrong.

Like I said gardening blogs, that is blogs that have nothing to do with LWish topics are perfectly cool too. This is in part a community building exercise.

Me too! Little content, but my best posts still aren't outdated.

The content is gaming and not LW-related, but I'll put up my blog anyway: Ynglinga Saga

Aretae -

I'm reserving judgment on my own participation (as a matter of cultural integration, as I haven't been here long enough to ascertain the culture or my compatibility thereto), so I'll refrain from listing my own blog.

OK, here's mine. It's not especially on-topic for Less Wrong, and I often go for long periods without posting anything.


My tumblr of LWish topics:

Will probably hold my own writing too when I have the free time to do it again.

New to LessWrong?