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I hereby pre-commit to finishing and uploading my post on Lojban by 2359h Thursday, my local time. It will cover the basics of Lojban grammar, as well as what I like and dislike about the way it is designed.

With regard to how prediction polls are displayed on LW, the predictions made by others should be hidden until a.) you yourself make a prediction or b.) you press a button (or something like that) to display the results without predicting.

Since the prediction polls aren't trying to be a prediction market, I would much rather they be hidden first to avoid being influenced.

We have a setting that allows you to view them exactly that way. But I think too large of a fraction of people reading LW posts are lurkers, and this means that I am hesitant. to force them to press an additional button for every poll, but it seems like a reasonable setting that allows some people to opt into that.

I read KatjaGrace's "Sleep math: red clay blue clay" post. In it, people used either spoiler blocks or ROT13 to obfuscate their answers. Which of the two approaches do you prefer? Personally, I like spoiler blocks more, since LessWrong doesn't have native support for ROT13 en/decryption.

I also prefer spoiler blocks

Same, but it would be much better if it was accessible through the editor UI, I constantly forget how to apply it as it is now.