I realize this is late notice, but I just found out.  He goes on at 8pm and will likely be answering questions by 9:30.  I would like to ask him some great questions and I will ask as many of the best that I see here as possible.  Any ideas?

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I'd like to ask RK why he believes in homeopathy:


And what he plans to do when he realizes in another few years that nothing will happen within his remaining actuarial time budget to make him "immortal," despite his delusions about building "bridges to immortality." I've read conflicting claims about RK's cryonics arrangements, for example. Instead of squandering his remaining cognitive reserve and reputation on his singularity delusions, he might want to reconsider investing them into making cryonics a more feasible means of survival for himself.

Does he still predict that mind uploading will be possible by 2040?

If not, how does he explain the change in expected timeline, and why should people expect the same factors won't apply to his new timeline?

What he intends to do to secure Friendlyness.

I'd like him to account for his inconsistency on exponential growth in solar, where for every other technology he displays exponential growth in performance/dollar, as he should, but with solar, he talks about exponential growth in installed base.

I haven't seen that part of his work, but it makes good sense to me--a larger part of the cost of solar is installation costs compared to many other technologies and those costs are extremely variable. He may simply be using "installed base" because that is the best available measure that actually captures all of the costs.