SI is coming to Oxford, looking for hosts, trying to keep costs down

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The Singularity Institute is coming to Oxford, England for AGI-2012!

AGI-2012 runs December 8th–11th, but many of us will be arriving as early as the 6th or 7th, and some will be leaving as late as the 16th. We are looking for generous members of the Less Wrong community who would be willing to host us during our visit.

Who's coming?

Why you might want to host us?

  • You want to help SI save some money.
  • You want to see Luke Meuhlhauser fact #8 for yourself.
  • You want to hangout with us, which is great, because we also want to hangout with you.
  • You want to marvel at Louie's boyish good looks in person.

If you live close to Oxford and have a spare bed, a futon, a comfortable couch, a not so comfortable couch, an inflatable mattress etc.—and would be willing to put one or more of us up for one or more nights—please email with the following information:
  • your location,
  • what dates you can host one or more of us, and
  • how many of us you're able/willing to put up with :)
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(I'm also coming, but I've also already managed to secure myself a gracious host. :-))

Are you going to AGI-12?