OB Meetup: Millbrae, Thu 21 Feb, 7pm

by Eliezer Yudkowsky1 min read31st Jan 200813 comments


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The Overcoming Bias meetup has been scheduled for Thursday, February 21st, at 7pm.  We're going to look at locating this in Millbrae within walking distance of the BART / Caltrain station.  The particular restaurant I had in mind turns out to be booked for Thursdays, so if you know a good Millbrae restaurant (with a private room?) in walking distance of the train station, please post in the comments.  I'll be looking at restaurants shortly.

Why not schedule to a day other than Thursday, you ask?


Robin Hanson will be in the Bay Area and attending!  Woohoo!

If you would be able to make Thursday the 21st, 7pm, in Millbrae, somewhere near the BART/Caltrain, please vote below.  No, seriously, please vote, now - the kind of restaurant I have to find depends on how many people will be attending.