Followup toBay Area Bayesians Unite, OB Meetup

The Bay Area Overcoming Bias meetup will take place in the Classic Sichuan restaurant, 148 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94031.  15 people said they would "Definitely" attend and an additional 27 said "Maybe".  Oh, and Robin Hanson will be there too.

Dinner is scheduled for 7:00pm, on Thursday, February 21st, 2008.  I'll show up at 6:30pm, though, just to cut people some antislack if it's easier for them to arrive earlier.

If you're arriving via the BART/Caltrain station, just walk up from the Southbound Caltrain side and turn right onto El Camino, walk a few meters, and you're there.

If driving, I'd suggest taking the exit from 101 onto Millbrae Ave - the exit from 280 onto Millbrae surprisingly goes down a winding mountain road before arriving at downtown.  Doesn't mean you have to take 101 the whole way there, but I definitely recommend the 101 exit.

For parking, I would suggest parking near the BART/Caltrain station. From 101 onto Millbrae Ave., turn right onto El Camino, almost immediately pass the Peter's Cafe parking lot and then turn right onto a small street toward the train station.  The first parking lot you see on your right is reserved for Peter's Cafe, but immediately after that (still on your right) is some city parking that looked mostly empty when I visited last Thursday.  El Camino itself was parked up, though.  If all else fails, you should be able to park in the train station lots and pay a small fee. Then walk up to El Camino and turn right, as before.

Classic Sichuan has vegetarian dishes.  They also have a reputation for their spicy food being spicy, so watch out!  I ate there to check quality, and while I'm generally a cultural barbarian, I didn't detect any problems with the food I was served.  Depending on how many people actually show up, we may overflow their small private room, but hopefully we won't overflow the restaurant.

My cellphone number is (866) 983-5697.  That's toll-free, 866-YUDKOWS.

Long live the Bayesian Conspiracy!  See you there!

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Soooo jealous, haha. I'll be at college, so I hope you do another meet up over the summer. You have to try to cater to your overcoming bias readers who are wasting their money on higher education!

Holding a meetup that far away is totally irrational. Do it in Atlanta.

I didn't detect any problems with the food I was served.

What a recommendation! Have a good one all.

Tiiba - bear in mind that Millbrae is further from Atlanta than Atlanta is from Millbrae.


Are you angling to become the new Tyler Cowen?

Barkley, ? Does Tyler Cowen like Sichuan food or something?

But in general, no, I'm not angling to become the new Tyler Cowen. That is too ambitious for me; I wouldn't want to cross the line into delusions of grandeur.


Absolutely. Check out his ethnic dining guide of Washington (available on his website). His recommendations for Sichuan in Northern Virginia are indeed top notch, although I have heard it from some of his colleagues, who will remain nameless, that some of them are getting tired of getting dragged to some of these joints over and over with guest speakers... :-).

You might find my spoof of his guide amusing: "The Latest Washingtoon Ethnic Dining Guide," up on my website at

"""Tiiba - bear in mind that Millbrae is further from Atlanta than Atlanta is from Millbrae."""

That's why I said what I said. Atlanta is intrinsically close.

Yes, Eliezer, better stick to modest aspirations, like bringing about the end of life as we know it, in a really, really good way.

I was one of those who voted "Maybe," but now I know I can make it and will be there. Long live the Conspiracy!

Atlanta is a substance with the closeness property :)