As the holiday season approaches, we continue our tradition of celebrating the winter solstice.

This event is the offspring of Raemon's New York Solstice. The core of the event is a collection of songs old and new, silly and profound, led by the well-calibrated Bayesian choir. There will be bean bag chairs and candles. There will be campfire and chocolates (in case of dementors).

When: The Bay Area Solstice will be held on 13 December at 7:00 PM.

Where: We've rented the Humanist Hall, at 390 27th St, Oakland, CA 94612.

All humanists or transhumanists are welcome. We'll be diving our minds into the nature of the universe, both good and bad. We'll stare into the abyss of death, and into the radiance of our ability to remove it. We will recognize each other as allies and agents.

We're glad to provide aspiring rationalists with an alternative or addition to any holiday celebrations. There is an expected attendance of around 80 people. 

Get your tickets here! And if you'd like to help us put it together, PM me.

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[-][anonymous]8y 8

Near the Pacific Northwest? Come to the Seattle Secular Solstice!

Facebook event

Thanks for putting this together!

I'm not in any position to attend, but I'm glad for those who are.

... Why do you celebrate the Winter Solstice on the 13th and not on the 21st/22nd, when it actually occurs?

The NYC celebration is on the 20th. I imagine the Bay Area one is offset so people can go to both?

That is correct!

The video appears to be private, which is unfortunat since I was interested in watching how the event progressed.

We decided that keeping the whole video including personal stories public all the time wouldn't be a very good idea. All the songs, however, are publicly available here: